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I want to know the best recommended setting for OBS when streaming.I want it to be the best possible for my computer. so I used. A start to finish guide on setting up OBS with korpenuppsala.seon / Help - Recommended OBS Settings. Welcome to my Best OBS Streaming Settings Tutorial! These settings will give you amazing quality for.

Obs recommended settings - shakespeare aksent

Bitrate This is the desired bitrate you wish to use for audio. Anyone breaking reddiquette will be reported to the admins. And yea dedicated streaming rig is another topic that isn't covered in this guide. If in doubt, contact the moderators via modmail. I have a decently powerful computer and a fairly good internet plan, so I was stumped the first time I'd asked a friend to watch the stream and let me know how it was then was told there were random spikes of pixelation, intermittent pauses, and occasional audio distortion. obs recommended settings

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